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Adopting the role of an external consultant, who has been called in to diagnose emerging issues within the organisation, you are asked tog make notes on the unfolding story within the video in order to identify key issues/situations you observe emergin. The assignment requires you to draw on your notes to respond to the three questions below. Avoid simply re-telling and describing the story through integrating some depth of questioning and critical analysis (i.e. developing your capacity to analyse surface issues and influences and the more subtle, covert, interlinking and underlying aspects of the organisational story).What interrelated patterns or themes of social interaction do you see emerging and unfolding? What do you feel are the potential and actual implications and significance of these themes/patterns for the ‘health’ of the organisation? What internal aspects and features of the organisation do you feel are influencing and shaping the issues/situations/themes you identify? Drawing on your analysis of the study what key insights have you gained into the complex nature of organisations and organising? Look to build on and go beyond the initial observations and conclusions drawn out by Gerry Robinson.


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