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The goal of this assignment is to help you learn how to find and compare data on income inequality and wealth, and communicate that information efficiently in a written format. Students will be required to select a country from a sign-up list that will be set up by the instructor. Do not begin your project until you have confirmed your country with the instructor.

1. Search for and download data for your selected country, and Canada OR the United States, for 1970-2015, for the following measures:

a. Capital-income ratio, using the “net private wealth % of national income” measure.

b. Income inequality, using on of the “Top 1% income share” measures.

c. Gini Coefficient.

*Note that data may not be available for every year for each variable.

*Be sure you reference your data sources and include them in your reference list.

2. Using Microsoft Excel, generate a separate line graph for each variable (3 separate line graphs, 2 countries each). Be sure to label all the variables and axes, and to add titles to your tables.

3. Write a short paper that compares your country with either the United States or Canada (whichever you chose). Your paper should have the following sections:

Section 1: Introduction

The paper should begin with an introduction that briefly explains what the paper is about and summarizes your findings.

Section 2: Main Body

This is where you define your variables, discuss your findings for each variable, and present your data in line graph format. How would you classify your country with respect to its level of inequality? Explain.

Section 3: Conclusion

The final section of paper should end with a conclusion that briefly summarizes the main arguments you have made in the paper.

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