Australia Consumer market analysis behavior

Australia Consumer market analysis behavior

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You should purchase the following textbook:  Quester, P., Pettigrew, S., Kopanidis, F. & Rao Hill, S. (2014).
Consumer behavior: Implications for marketing strategy (7th ed.). Sydney: Irwin-McGraw Hill.
Your report should answer the following question:  Choose a business and discuss how an understanding of external
influences on consumer behavior can assist businesses in general as well as your chosen business specifically. Include an analysis of the consumers that organization serves  In your answer you should choose a company you have worked for (or admire and would like to work for) and use this as an illustrative working example throughout your report. You may choose a profit or not-for-profit organization. Your report should focus on one external
influence (i.e. demographics, lifestyles, group referencing, household or organizational buying, social class, culture, or consumerism).

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