At-Risk and Reckless Behavior

At-Risk and Reckless Behavior

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These need to be scholarly contributions with references from your text and outside sources. It is your responsibility to formulate your own ideas in a meaningful way that advances your professional knowledge, while stimulating the thinking of your peers. Your comments need to demonstrate in depth analysis, critical thinking and practical application of theory, while being written in a professional manner commensurate with your educational level. While there is no minimum word count, you are expected to address the topics thoroughly and in significant detail.  At-Risk and Reckless Behavior Safety is always a number one concern in the medical setting. Ensuring patients receive the right treatment at the right time is a top priority. Many times, errors happen and can be attributed to a person, a culture, or a system. When behaviors are risky, it has a strong potential to cause harm, and many at risky
behaviors have been documented in different areas: medication administration, patient identification, staff miscommunication and others. The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (2004) described at-risk behaviors as, “Behaviors that key stakeholders engage in, knowing on some level that it could risk patient safety.”

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