Assignment 9 -planning topics

Assignment 9 -planning topics

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1. Read newspaper or magazine articles to determine what expenses are likely to increase and decrease during retirement. How might this information affect your retirement-planning decisions?
2. Which type of housing will best meet your retirement needs? Is such housing available in your community? (Dighton, Massachusetts). Make a checklist of the advantages and disadvantages of your housing choice.
3. Using the Internet to Obtain Information about Wills. Visit Metropolitan Life Insurance Company?s website at . Using this information, prepare a report on the following: a. Who

a. Who needs a will?

b. What are the elements of a will (naming a guardian, naming an executor, preparing a will, updating a will, estate taxes, where to keep your will, living will, etc.)?

c. How is this report helpful in preparing your own will?
4. Visit the Prudential Insurance Company of America website at Gather information on various estate planning topics such as an estate planning worksheet; whether you need an estate plan; when to update your plan; estate taxes, wills, executors, trusts, etc. Then prepare a report to help you develop your estate plan.

Planning for Retirement: Is a bad day fishing better than a good day at the office? Yes, according to a retired dad, Chuck. With his company pension, at least he didn?t have to worry about money. In the good old days, if you had a decent job, you?d hang on to it, and then your company?s pension combined with Social Security payments would be enough to live comfortably. Chuck?s son, Rob, does not have a company pension and is not sure whether Social Security will even exist when he retires. So when it comes to retirement, the sooner you start saving, the better.

1. In the past, many workers chose to stay with their employers until retirement. What was the major reason for employees? loyalty?
2. How did Maureen amass $1.4 million for retirement, while Therese could only accumulate $553,000?
3. Why do women need to start early to save for retirement?
4. How is net worth determined?
5. What expenses may increase or decrease during retirement?

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