Assignment 6B – Case Studies

Assignment 6B – Case Studies

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Deliverables•6 paragraphs (200 words each in length) Assignment DetailsPerform the following tasks: Step 1: Find a cases listed below using the library database.Log into the TCC Library. Using the TCC Library databases, find information on the following cases and prepare a 200 word summary (6 total cases summarized – 200 words each case) of the legal issues in each case related to arrest, search or seizure.Describe the background facts of the case and explain the court’s ruling in each case. Cite your reference source for the database articles you used to gather information about each case.Mapp v. OhioTerry v. OhioTennessee v. GarnerCarroll v. U.S.Graham v. ConnorU.S. v. LeonStep 2: Summarize the cases and cite your sources.Analyze the cases and then identify the legal concepts created. Be sure you address the following questions in some way in your analysis: What are the facts of the case? (What happened to cause the arrest or search?)What type of police action was involved – arrest, search, detention, etc.?What was the courts ruling relative to the police actions and present or future practices realted to arrest, search and/or seizure?Cite your sources.Read Chapter 5 in the text and view presentation.Read the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution (it can be found on-line easily).Research and define the terms probable cause and warrant.Read the article using this link that explains exceptions to warrants:The article has links to pertinent search and seizure case law, expanding on those topics covered in your text.

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