Assignment 4

Assignment 4

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Instructions: The assignment should be written in paragraph form with
detailed explanations that support your responses.

Assignment 4:
Using SPSS and the Santa Fe Grille database, provide the means and
medians for V1-V24.
Then develop both bar and pie charts for questions 30-34. Means and
median score can be
summarized on a single page, while charts can be cut and pasted into
your WORD document.
Questions 1-24 (V1-V24) and 30-34 are SURVEY items in the in the
actual SF Grille
questionnaire on pages 207-210 in textbook. These are the items you�ll
be analyzing.
SPSS is the software that does the statistical analyses for you,
whereas SF Grille data set is
the data derived from people’s responses to the questionnaire. The
data is already in SPSS
format, so your job is to link the two. There are two ways of doing
this, both of which assume
you have already downloaded and installed SPSS on your computer:
1. Open SPSS and use the OPEN command (left top corner) to search for
SF Grille data. SF
Grille data (and all SPSS data sets) will have a .sav at the end of
the file name.
2. Save the SF Grille data on your computer. Click on the file name to
open this data set.


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