Assignment 4: Stakeholder Responsibilities in Consumer Protection

Assignment 4: Stakeholder Responsibilities in Consumer Protection

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Assignment 4: Stakeholder Responsibilities in Consumer Protection (15%; 100 marks total) Introduction In this module, you explored a number of issues relating to internal stakeholders and internal forces in organizations. In this assignment, which will count for 15 per cent of your mark, you will explore an employee issue relating to diversity, and a consumer issue. In Part A, a case study, you will examine issues pertaining to workplace diversity. In Part B, also a case study, you will explore an important consumer protection issue —prescription medicines—and its impact on stakeholders associated with Merck & Co. You will examine forces and factors influencing decision making, as well as various stakeholder perspectives.

Part A: Instructions Read Discussion Case: Unauthorized Immigrant Workers at Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurants at the end of Chapter 17, and answer the following two questions. You should demonstrate your ability to incorporate and integrate your learning from all aspects of this Module.

Question 1: Is being an unauthorized immigrant a form of workplace diversity? How is it similar to and different from the other types of workplace diversity discussed in Chapter 17 of your textbook? (15 marks)

Question 2: Which stakeholders, other than employers, are helped and which are hurt when an organization hires unauthorized immigrants? (5 marks)

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