Assignment 2. Strategic Management Theme Team Consultancy

Assignment 2. Strategic Management Theme Team Consultancy

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What is the present product market mission of this organization?  Using appropriate strategic tools and models analyse the strategic
capability of this company.  From this analysis identify the resources that this company uses to bring its products to the market place. Does this company have imitable or rare resources that your analysis indicates are the basis of competitive advantage? Use appropriate models to classify its resources. You are required to recommend that your company either invests in this company or not.  What additional information would you require before that decision can be made?  the power point presentation should be atleast 60 slides and each
slide should have sources.the swot analysis, pestle , porters five forces , vrio and value chain of the company Aero vodochody with
sources and conclusions.and also should answer the above 4 questions with sources, refences and conclusion. the appendix below attached is the questions list which we answered in Prague. The presentation should contain about company aero vodochody which is in czech republic and  . the referencing should be there and conclusions also for each question. complete by Monday evening.

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