Assignment 2: Media Choices

Assignment 2: Media Choices

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Most businesses have various types of relationships with other business ranging from vendors that supply  components or provide certain services to the stores that sell the products. A business must be able to understand and accommodate the interests and motivations of these other businesses in order to maintain profitable relationships with them and ensure smoothness of operations.The parent agency from which Orlando Bizline split had an agreement with a local radio station for discounted rates. The radio station has declined to continue the discounts when renewing the agreement with Orlando Bizline. This impacts two of the agencies major clients, who advertise a great deal on that radio station.Examine the scenario and research media planning. Write a paper including the following:Identify the operational problems created by the radio station’s decision.Suggest at least two alternative solutions to address the problem. Explain how they will work.Select one solution and give reasons for the
choice.Write a 2–page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to writing and editing.

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