Assignment 1 – Qualitative Report- interview

Assignment 1 – Qualitative Report- interview

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There are three stages to this assignment, each has specific marks allocated to it and must be in evidence in your final report:

1) Data production and Method (approx. 1000 words):
• Each student is to conduct their own interview with a relevant participant and should consider (through appropriate reading) how to conduct this successfully.
• The report should discuss who you selected (a general description, without identifying the individual); why you selected them and how you set up the interview with them.
• Ethical guidelines are emphasised and you should ensure that you follow these (including for example considering issues of informed consent and confidentiality).
• The interview must be recorded – this must be kept safe and made available to the tutor if requested. You should be able to use your phone, mp3 player, computer or a recorder to complete this task. (Loan audio/video equipment if required is under the supervision of Media Loans, Ground Floor, MHT building; equipment is limited so book
• Your report should include an account of the methods used and your methodological approach. Academic references should be used to indicate how your approach was informed by background reading on qualitative interviewing. You should also discuss how and why any themes were chosen to help structure the interview and how the resulting data was analysed.


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