Assignment 1 – Qualitative Report- interview -writer choose topic,

Assignment 1 – Qualitative Report- interview -writer choose topic,

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The first assignment is to produce a research report (max. 3000 words) based on an analysis of qualitative data you will each collect by
undertaking an interview. Your task is to conduct an interview, record it, transcribe a sample of your recordings, undertake some initial
analysis of the content of the conversation and reflect on the process of collecting data this way. It is expected you will support this
using insights gained by your wider reading on the subject of qualitative interviewing.  The aims of the assignment are:
• to familiarise yourself with the use of a qualitative method (in this case interviewing) for both data production and data analysis
• to develop your research interviewing and transcription skills • to promote reflection on the process of doing qualitative research.
The assignment task is to use a semi-structured or an unstructured interview process to discover your interviewee’s views and
perspectives on the subject of the experiences of postgraduate students who study abroad.

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