Assignment #1: Art of Failure

Assignment #1: Art of Failure

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This is among the various individual assignments that will in total comprise 25% of your semester grade. Your ability to lead and/or participate in teams will not evolve until you have a better understanding of who you are, where you excel and where there is opportunity for growth. Improving your performance is a life-long pursuit. A good place to start is with predictable behaviors that are based upon prior experiences, both perceived “good” and “bad.” This leads to a periodic self-correction, which ultimately leads to greater success. Most successful people have a constant internal dialog where they look honestly at their performance and patterns of success or failure. There isn’t judgment but instead a clarity of strengths and areas of development. This assignment asks you look at prior experiences that may have had an impact on you and your perception of your abilities.

Read the New Yorker article The Art of Failure, Compare your experiences with the examples of panic and choke described in this article. 1.Describe a panic or choke moment you’ve experienced in a public, school or job scenario. 2.Explain how you’ve decided to contend with these types of situations in the future? 3.How will understanding your stress reactions make you a better team contributor or leader?


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