Assessing Stakeholder Feedback

Assessing Stakeholder Feedback

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Assessing Stakeholder Feedback Criteria Design and create a survey to measure a business issue, problem, or activity of your choice. Collect information from a functionally diverse population and apply critical thinking to capture meaning from survey results. You are to use the survey polling software Survey Monkey. You can find the Survey Monkey site at You should have at least 20 survey respondents. Note: If you wish, you may tie this polling exercise into your Course Project.Business analysts use a variety of tools to gather information and feedback about a project. One of these tools is surveying stakeholders. In this exercise, you will create, design, administer, and evaluate the results of a stakeholder survey. The stakeholders may be part of your course project or they may by any other group of individuals you wish to survey.

Choose your Issue and Design your Survey1. The first task is to choose the business issue you will analyze. Create a schedule of activities to measure the issue that includes identifying the correct stakeholders, selecting the best business analysis techniques, managing requirements, and identifying necessary progress assessments.2. Construct a diagram of the inputs, tasks, and outputs to map the Survey Monkey survey project. You can see examples of this diagram in front of each chapter in the BABOK®. 3. Define your survey objective. What are you going to survey? What questions are you going to ask? What is the objective of the survey? What will you do with the information?

Build your Survey4. Build your Survey Monkey survey. Go to the website, and register for the basic service. After you have registered, review these tutorials.a. Getting Startedb. Question Typesc. Survey Templatesd. Customizatione. Response Validationf. Skip Logicg. Printable PDF File5. Design a 5-10 question survey to obtain the information you need to address your project queries.

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