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Be able to apply the elements of a contract in a business situation scenario:
Develop understanding of essential elements of a valid contract, and apply the elements of contract in business situations. Consider the following scenario for 2.1;2.2 and 2.3
Lady Gaga executed a contract with owner of the opera to sing a series of performances. Due to her illness she was unable to appear on the opening night and on the next few days. The producer engaged a substitute ( Rihanna) who insisted that she should be engaged for all the performances. When Lady Gaga recovered, the producer decline to accept the services for the remaining performances. Lady Gaga is planning to sue the producer. You need to apply the elements of the contract in the business scenario and advise the producer if the valid contract was present.

2.1 Use appropriate case law identify whether all the essential elements of contract are in place between the producer and Lady Gaga and explain the importance of such elements.

2.1a Find a case law that is similar or related to the Gaga case.

b. Identified essential elements were there in the contract.

C. Explain why offer, acceptance, consideration and intention are important.

2.2 Explain and analyse the contents of the standard from the business contracts and advice on the relative importance of express terms implied terms and exclusion clauses in line with the given scenario.

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