Aryan Nation

Aryan Nation

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Paper details The purpose of the final assignment is to create a paper on an organization that deals with issues of race, class, or gender. Some of the organizations are seen as positive, some are seen as negative, some are seen as activist groups, and some are seen as hate groups.The purpose of the paper is to provide research and analysis on
the group selected in an objective fashion. Each student will produce a 5-7 page paper which covers the following:
HISTORY – provide information about the history of the group up to present day (1-1 ½ PAGES)AIMS AND GOALS (1-2 PAGES) – a discussion of the overall purpose(s) of the organization. This should include:  MISSION OF THE ORGANIZATION – the mission is normally a one or two sentence statement.  VISION OF THE ORGANIZATION – the vision expands on the mission, and provides more depth and insight. MAIN GOALS – most organizations have a
tenet of main goals and their overall purpose. They may present this in many ways. The paper should spell out what these are, and what they mean to the organization.

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