Artist or designer whose work demonstrates an engagement with environmental issues

Artist or designer whose work demonstrates an engagement with environmental issues

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Discuss the work of any artist or designer of your choice whose work demonstrates an engagement with environmental issues. Preferably, i would like the essay to explore either the work of Andy Goldsworthy or Edwardo Kack (Note: if the writer knows of a different artist that would be more advisable to write about he/she should contact me before pursuing that course).The essay should explore in detail the work of the chosen artist, focusing on how that artist engages with environment issues. The essay must be both critical and objective, and references are of utmost importance (they MUST be of solid foundation, and RELEVANT).Essay structure should ideally contain an opening, introductory page, seven or eight solid paragraphs (paragraph should be lengthy) exploring the artist and his work (each linking to his engagement with the environment) and a closing page summing up the essay. It would be advisable to have some kind of continuity/flow throughout the essay rather than having 6 disjointed paragraphs with suspicious referencing.The essay title is very open, so the writer must focus in on the points required for marks. The essay should very clearly:1. Discuss the artist and his work in detail (showing evidence of
solid research)

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