The Art of Data Visualization

The Art of Data Visualization

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Share your thoughts in the form of a cohesive essay that is approximately two pages. Address these questions in your response.  – Compare and contrast the artistic approaches of Golan Levin and Joshua Davis. Specifically, how do you see their processes being different and similar?  – What is holism and what kind of new relevance does it have in the
face of “big data?”  – Cite a specific project shown by Davis or Levin that you found interesting. What kind of question(s) do you think the artist  initially began with? Do you think the result affirms what we may
already know or does it uncover anything that was previously unexplored or unconsidered?  -Given what you know about the technical practice of data visualization so far, make your best attempt at briefly describing how
you may recreate one of these projects. What tools would you use and how would you go about researching, parsing data, and constructing the final product? Would you even use a computer or would you use other means?
– Are there any projects here that you personally wouldn’t consider to be data visualization? Are there any that don’t qualify as valid art practice? If so, give a brief explanation of why not.

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