Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation

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Go to a local (chiago) fine art museum. Choose a work that is on display in the gallery you go to, and respond to it as detailed in Option 1 above. Often, artists will display a statement about their work, so read that if they have it to inform your writing.  1. In chapter 1, beginning on page 15, there is a section called ‘Looking and Responding’. This section details ‘how to correctly look at art’. Familiarize yourself with this section. More specifically, the section states “Above all, the nature of perception suggests that the most important key to looking at art is to become aware of the process of looking itself- to notice the details and visual relationships, to explore the associations and feelings they inspire, to search for knowledge we can bring to bear, and to try to put what we see into words.” Then, choose two artworks that are featured in the chapters we have discussed so far. Discuss and dissect the visual relationships in the works, and pay close attention to even the tiniest details (color choices, composition, balance, etc.). Don’t simply restate what the text says (that’s plagiarism). Use brief information from the text to spur a deeper conversation about what you think is happening in the work.

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