Argumentation essay – College purpose

Argumentation essay – College purpose

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The assignment has 2 parts, first is the “COLLEGE PURPOSE DISCUSSION BOARD” and second ARGUMENTATION ESSAY” – the discussion board is connected to the argumentation. Here’s the assignment for the
college purpose discussion board; **Each student needs to find two websites or internet publications which offer insight into the purpose of college. After finding information which discusses what the purpose of college is or should be, students will need to complete the following list of items for each website/source: 1.Create a new thread
with your name and the source title (In this way we can keep track of your sources). 2.In this thread, you will need to provide a link to the website and make sure the link works. 3.You will need to provide a  bullet point list of at least five important points for the site. These main points should include what the site believes the purpose of college to be, things college offers, what college should not do, etc. 4.Provide a 6-8 sentence explanation of your views on the site, your overall impression, your agreement or disagreement, strengths and weaknesses of the argument, good examples, etc. As you post you will need to look at what your classmates have done. Any source that has already been used cannot be reported.this can be a 1-page assignment, including the outline and the 6 sentence for the discussion board. and, here’s the argumentation essay assignment; **We have looked at what different individuals believe the purpose of college is. We have seen how that purpose is dictated by the needs of the individual, personality types, economic situations, and various other forces, both internal and external. Your goal for this final essay is to define what you believe the purpose of college is for you. Through your definition of this purpose, argue through explanation and examples what you have gotten out of college, what you will get from college, what you hope to get from college, and what you believe should be the end results of college for you. Do not try and include all people and possibilities in the essay. Do not use the 2nd person and try to make your essay applicable to others or to me. I have finished my college experience and others are not in the same situation. Remember that college in not a one type fits all institution. So, you will need to define specifically what the purpose of college is for you, and only you. Look through the discussion board postings Review what your classmates and outside sources believe to be the purpose of college. Figure out where your opinion lies within this range, what ideas they have promoted within you and let this information help you figure out and fine tune your own opinion.

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