Argument for the existence of the One

Argument for the existence of the One

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Consider Plotinus’ argument for the existence of the One. Are you convinced by this argument? Are you satisfied with Plotinus’ characterization of the One as God? Explain your position.  Sources: Volume I: Ancient Philosophy Fourth Edition, c2003 (0-13-048556-X) Volume II: Medieval Philosophy, Fourth Edition, c2003 (0-13-048557-8)  IMPORTANT DETAILS AS FOLLOW: Because other assigned writers in the past did not meet the criteria requested, THE WRITER “MUST HAVE” THIS TEXTBOOK: MCMAHON, CHRISTOPHER. UNDERSTANDING JESUS: CHRISTOLOGY FROM EMMAUS TO TODAY. WINONA, MN: ANSELM ACADEMIC, 2013. PRINT. ISBN: 978-1-59982-426-0 and MUST HAVE QUOTATION MARKS ON THE EXACT QUOTES AND WHAT PAGE OF THE BOOK THEY WERE QUOTED FROM.   Please, revise the paper according to the message from the client:
1. Wrong sources used.

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