Argument essay about death penalty

Argument essay about death penalty

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This paper is designed to teach both the writer and the reader something valuable about a chosen topic and about the nature of topic search and discovery. As opposed to the standard research paper where a writer usually assumes a detached and objective stance, the “I Search” paper allows you to relate your experience of hunting for facts and opinions firsthand, and to provide a step-by-step record of the search process. It’s a research paper that is overtly reflective.  Topic Choose a topic that truly interests you, a problem or concern you want to be more informed about. The topic must be something that is argumentatively rich, meaning that there should be many different viewpoints on the issue. It’s up to you to choose a suitable topic, but there are some topics that are not convenient research subjects.  The Abstract After you have chosen a topic and checked to make sure research sources are available through resources at the library (the catalog, online databases, etc) you will type up an abstract, no less than one
page and not to exceed two pages double-spaced in length, in which you explain what your topic is, why you have chosen it, and how you intend to go about searching and writing. At the beginning of your abstract you will state your research question and type this statement in bold. You must submit an abstract.

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