Area Review: Part #1

Area Review: Part #1

Area Review: Part #1

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This document contains information about what kind of data to collect, how to format your table of data, and how to write a conclusion about the data.

Site Selection

This quarter I will focus on a restaurant concept project. The restaurant name is ******.

******  is a lifestyle restaurant offer American Chinese food.

Number of Seats:  100 seats in the restaurant.

open 7 days everyweek

Style of Products Offered: Chinese cuisine tends to regional ingredients. We pay attention to the seasonal ingredients into our menu. To taste with the Seasonal production of food. Our food is healthy, delicious and unique.

Our dining at *****  restaurant are dedicated to providing outstanding service, health and wellness options for our guest. Our services, amenities, and surroundings are designed to appeal to guests’ senses and well-being in addition to benefitting the earth. When customer dining at our restaurant, they will feel very relax like at home. Same values are present in our food and beverage outlets. We offer health element food also in very delicious taste. The interior design use a lot of woody elements and fresh green plants. We also use candle fragrance to build environment of the restaurant.

[ 1 ] Population for (Year) based on (Source)

[ 2 ] Historic Population for (Year) based on (Source)

[ 3 ] Percent Change (Current Year ÷ Historic Year)

[ 4 ] Projected Population for (Year) based on (Source)

[ 5 ] Projected Growth (Historic Year ÷ Current Year)


This is not a quick project. It will take some research to find current data. You should be able to find 2009 numbers (US Census Department). Historic and forecast numbers should be available at the same or other sources.


You may not be able to locate all the data requested for each cell in the above table. You should be able to locate MOST of the data through internet research. Contact the College library or a local library research desk for assistance if necessary.


Be sure to cite the source of the information and the year for which the data applies as indicated in the parentheses shown in the footnotes in italics above.
Then draw a conclusion based on the data you collected. For the above data, the conclusion might be:


The city of New York is growing at a (faster/slower) rate than the United States and the State of New York. The projected growth indicates that this pace will (increase/decrease/remain the same) over the next (number) years.


This can turn out to be a group project if you share research and the data bases that you find. If you think you have a more reliable source and/or more current data, post the URL in the Week 3 discussion board.


Consultants may work in collaboration to improve the reliability and sources of data through exchange of information and discoveries of sources they may encounter through their research.


If you rely on a URL provided by another student, reference that student and the URL source when you present the data! No penalty for working together to get the most reliable and current information in this assignment!