Application for bail

Application for bail

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Refer to the details in the telephone call: “Yeah…um… this is Harry Hapless here. I was arrested at 7 o’clock this morning on suspicion of manufacturing drugs at home. They have just charged me with manufacturing drugs, I’m not sure exactly what the offence is called.
The police are holding me at the Winter St. Police Station and said they don’t think they will give me bail and that I will be taken to the Magistrates Court tomorrow for a bail hearing.
The police have said that I can get a solicitor to ask the Court to grant me bail but that they will be asking to Court not to grant bail. They have found some ecstasy tabs and seized them as evidence.
I need Warren Warrior (solicitor) to come down and sort something out. You can call the Detective on 0400000000 to let him know when someone will be here. They want to question me….I won’t do anything until Warren gets here. Please tell him to hurry……” You have received a further telephone call from the solicitor, Warren Warrior, who is at the police station. He informs you that he has spent one hour with Mr.Hapless who has been refused bail by the police and who must attend court on the following day to apply for bail.
Warren Warrior asks you to draft the application for bail using the details which have previously been opened for Mr.Hapless. Your task is to: Prepare a draft application for bail in the form required by the court rules in your State or Territory. You are required to find the correct bail application form and “create’ a set of particulars for Mr.Hapless to complete this task.
(You are encouraged to refer to the relevant Legal Aid Commission website in Western Australia, the Foolkit, or Western Australia’s court website to assist you in locating information to complete this task).

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