Apples Iphones Not Made in America

Apples Iphones Not Made in America

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Please answer the questions below. The book I am using is International Management, Managing Across Borders and Cultures, 9th Edition (Helen Deresky) Case Study: Assignment 1, Chapter 1

1.What is meant by the globalization of human capital? Is this inevitable as firms increase their global operations?

2. How does this case illustrate the threats and opportunities facing global companies in developing their strategies?

3.Comment on the Apple Executives assertion that the company?s only¬†obligation is making the best product possible. “We don?t have the obligation to solve America?s problems.

4. Who are the Stakeholders in this situation and what if any, obligations do they have?

5. How much extra are you prepared to pay for an iPhone if assembled in the United States?

6. How much extra are you prepared to pay for an iPhone assembled in China but under better labor conditions or pay? What kind of trade-off would you make?

7. To what extent do you think the negative media coverage has affected Apple?s recent decision to ask the FLA to do an independent assessment and the subsequent decision by Foxconn to raise some salaries?

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