answering question

answering question

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Please answer each of the following questions within a short paragraph.

1. How is leadership different today than 30 years ago?

2. Describe how leadership is a process and the variables that impact this process.

3. Describe the differences and similarities between leadership and management.

4. Describe the Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders.

5. Describe how one assess then develops their leadership competencies and skills.

6. Provide a basic definition of ethics and describe three major ethical perspectives that could impact the leadership process.

7. Describe the aspects you would consider when developing your personal code of ethics.

8. Discuss the relational aspect of the leadership process.

9. Describe the two primary methodologies one can use to answer a research question.

10. Describe the importance of conducting a literature review and its impact on the leadership process.

11. Discuss the skills and competencies needed by successfully lead a global organization.

12. Describe the characteristics of team excellence.

13. Describe how a leader would achieve team excellence by looking externally to the team.

14. Describe how globalization affects the practice of leadership today?

15. Explain why the concept of leadership differs from society to society.

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