Annotated Bibliography hooliganism

Annotated Bibliography hooliganism

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A. A book or edited collection of articles. B. A scholarly journal article. Use the ISU Databases to find the scholarly journal article. If your instructor cannot find the scholarly article through the ISU Databases, the article will not count. C. A magazine or newspaper article (NOT an online magazine or an online news source such as You must find through the ISU Databases an actual magazine or news article that originally appeared in print. D. One other reputable yet “non-traditional” source such as a documentary, a movie, an audio or video interview available on a credible news website such as CNN or BBC, a government document, etc.  7. For each of the SIX sources, write a bibliography entry in correct MLA format. Remember that your list of sources in MLA should be in alphabetical order.
8. Follow each bibliographic entry with a paragraph of about five or six lines discussing how you will use it in the research paper. Consider the following questions as you write your annotation: will the source help you to form your thesis? Will you use the source to support
the thesis or to develop some sub-point in your paper? Will you use the source for background information to set up your thesis or provide context for  your arguments? Will you use the source to disagree with? What are the credentials of the author and how does the author establish expertise in the subject? Whatever your purpose, make clear how you will use the source.  9. Conclude the annotated bibliography with a brief summary paragraph assessing your sources and considering briefly any additional sources you need. The sample on the Black Sox scandal topic, in this packet, is an excellent example. Strive for something like it. At this point, these should be sources that you plan to use, though if one or two prove less useful than you thought, you may drop them from the final paper and add others.

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