Annotated Bibliography, Engineering and Construction

Annotated Bibliography, Engineering and Construction

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Your first paper for this course was a summary and analysis of one
scientific article, where your primary goal was to translate technical
research (and its implications) into common English. Your second paper
for this course required you to employ two of five provided sources in
order to submit an opinion about the future of privacy.

In both of these papers you were given the material necessary for
composition. But one of the single most important skills you can
develop is the capacity to discover information for yourself.
The bastion of engineering research is the scholarly journal, and
academic databases aggregate the knowledge of tens, hundreds, or even
thousands of scholarly journals. Hence, most of your future careers
will require you to navigate databases.

As such your final paper for this class will be an annotated
bibliography of three peer-reviewed, academic articles which you will
be responsible to find. The formatting of an annotated bibliography
differs from that of an academic essay. In an annotated bibliography
you provide the reader with a full citation, and then a
paragraph-length summary and analysis of the core content in that
citation. Consequently, you will not be required to fully incorporate
these research articles. Please feel free to treat each article as a
distinct approach to a common topic. Aim to keep these annotations
between 250-500 words.


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