Annotated Bibliography Collection of Succinct

Annotated Bibliography Collection of Succinct

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As you know from previous courses, an annotated bibliography describes and evaluates literature on a topic in a collection of succinct, one-paragraph entries. There are two important points to know about an annotated bibliography. Bibliography entries must be based on a critical examination of studies. Just because an article appears in a peer-reviewed journal does not mean it is without flaws (see Assignment 2). An annotated bibliography entry that does not evaluate the merits of the research and its relevance to your purposes is of little value to you.

Researchers often refer to their annotated bibliography when writing literature reviews. If you do your annotated bibliography with care and skill, it will be invaluable, as you can use it to create your literature review, saving much time and effort. The other assignments in this section are premised upon this idea.

If you have kept the same topic area throughout all of your BTM courses, you have used approximately 40 different articles to complete previous assignments, including previous annotated bibliography assignments. If you have changed your topic area, the number of sources on your current topic area would, of course, be fewer than 40. Your dissertation proposal will have a literature review of 40-80 pages and discuss many articles on your topic area (likely more than 100).

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