Animal Rights

Animal Rights

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Internet sources 1, Doris Lin. “What Are Animal Right?” About News.   This article is from a About News, a commercial website. It’s layout is very clear, and it is attractive with some interesting picture. Since it is a commercial website, there are many Ads on this page. This article includes a lot of information support my topic, and no personal opinions. Also it’s easy to understand, so I think it is helpful for me to writer my paper. 2, Patrick Barkham. “Badger cull: tranquil nights, uneasy vigil and a change of police tactics.” Thursday 11 September 2014. This article is from a commercial website. Its’ layout is very clear. There are vivid animal picture on it which draw people’s attention. And there is a video about animal cull which provides a lots of information. Pictures and video are attractive and easy be understood. There are still a lots of Ads on it. But I think it is helpful

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