Animal Exploitation

Animal Exploitation

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You will then summarize the article for the assignment. Your paper
should identify the author’s thesis statement, the main points of the
article, and the types of evidence the author used to prove their
thesis. You should also include an introduction and a conclusion to
your summary that addresses why this is a good article and how it
contributes to the field of history. You are free to research any
period or civilization covered by the parameters of the course
description. Identify the one sentence statement towards the beginning
of the paper that lays out the argument the author is going to make or
what they want to prove with their research. The rest of the paper
will include the author’s main points, which break down the research
and tie it back to the thesis, and the research that the author used
to accomplish their goals. Your introduction should discuss the period
of history you are researching, the name of the article, the journal
it is located in, and the author’s name and title. You should also
address briefly why this article is important. Your conclusion should
touch back on the article and why you chose it, and restate, using the
evidence from the article why the paper is important to the body of
research on your topic.
Name of Article: Hunting, gathering, and herding: Animal exploitation
in Sandy Flanders (NW Belgium) during the second half of the fifth
millennium BC.


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