Animal assisted visitationin nursing homes

Animal assisted visitationin nursing homes

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Please include the following in your paper:  1. Title Page – please include course name and date  . Abstract – about 150 words, follow APA format  Introduction 3. Background and significance of the issue – Introduce the issue you plan to research and convince readers of its importance 4. Statement of the problem and purpose – content in previous sections builds toward this  Review of Relevant Literature 5. Theoretical background and review of related literature – this section should be especially well documented, and provide a thorough
review of all pertinent literature from primary sources. The reader should have a good sense of previous type and quality of research on
the topic. 6. Hypothesis and/or research questions – you don’t need both; but theoretical and operational definitions of all important terms
should be included.  Methods and Procedures – this section should be highly descriptive of how and what you plan to do 7. Description of the research design 8. Description of the setting 9. Sampling procedures and characteristics – the reader should be able to carry out
10. Ethical considerations – human subjects review? approved by which institution? 11. Selection of measurement instruments – remember to describe reliability and validity for your instruments 12. Data collection strategies – again, very descriptive, 13. Plan for analysis – describe why this analysis technique will provide specific answers for your research problem 14. Limitations – methodological and theoretical  Dissemination of Findings 15. Your plan to disseminate the results of this completed research (target audience and format)
Please include a peer-reviewed option in addition to sharing with your colleagues, but be realistic in your expectations

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