Conduct an analysis and valuation of a business

Conduct an analysis and valuation of a business

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Business Valuation and Financial AnalysisObjective: You project requires you to conduct an analysis and valuation of a business. A key advantage of the project is that it requires you to identify and obtain the relevant information. Thus, in addition to being evaluated on your ability to apply the tools of analysis described in the course, you will also be evaluated on your ability to identify and obtain the relevant information. Your valuation should use only publicly available information, and you should provide a reference list of the information you use. Do not use inside information obtained from personal company contacts etc.
Choice of company:Campbell Brothers Limited( Australia limited) Part OneThe first part of your report will contain the following:

1. Restating Financial Statements

2. Industry and Business Strategy Analyses

3. Accounting and Financial Analyses

4. Forecasting Models

Project Length:The project write-up should be a readily comprehensible and condensed report on your work(i.e., not a detailed compilation of all the information you collected and all the various valuationscenarios you considered). Accordingly, your write-up is limited to 3 pages of text with 2 pages of supporting tables for each part. Please use a minimum font size of 12 and 2.5 cm margins.Note:This is very important!!! It is required do reformatted table with excel,all data
from annual report between year 2012-2014, and also required Forecasting excel

1.Forecast sales

2.Forecast ATO and calculate NOA

3.Forecast PM and calculate NOPAT), with future 5 years from 2015- 2020 year.7-8 references need! (UTS Harvard style)Referencing guide will be provided later.

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