Analysis Paper 3

Analysis Paper 3

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 Write and submit a 5-7 page paper covering the following: If you could create a vision for the emergency services of your choice (fire, law
enforcement, ems, etc.) what would it be? In other words, if you could create an agency from scratch how would this agency look and perform? How would you get other people to “buy into” your vision and what would you do to improve the chances of this new agency becoming a reality?Papers must have at least 3 references (in addition to the textbook) from your research. Do not use encyclopedias or
dictionaries. Use embedded citations in the following format (author, date, page). Refer to helpful links here and in course syllabus.
the assignment in a word (doc) or in a rich text format document Through this assignment page. Name the file using your last
name and assignment title (i.e. your last name_paper1.doc). The paper should include an introduction and conclusion. The introduction should include a thesis statement and a sentence that lists the main points (sub-topics) in the paper. The conclusion summarizes the key points from the paper. Use subheads for each of the main points.

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