Analysis of Olay Daily Facials

Analysis of Olay Daily Facials

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Please answer ALL questions.

Where appropriate, clearly indicate any specific assumptions being made in the analysis.

Be sure to briefly but clearly explain your rationale for any choice that you make(also, briefly describe potential disadvantages & contingency plans where


1.      What are the main marketing challenges facing Olay Daily Facials (ODF) subsequent to the launch? Identify these issues, explain why you consider them to be a challenge or problem, prioritize the issues, and indicate which issue or issues you will be addressing in the marketing plan that you will subsequently propose.

2.      How would you segment this market? Present an actionable segmentation scheme, providing significant characteristics of the different segments.

3.      Which consumer segment (or segments) should ODF target? Provide a brief rationale for why this segment was selected, and why other segments were rejected.

4.     What should be ODF’s positioning for the target segment(s)? Provide a clear rationale for all the main positioning decisions, summarizing the positioning with a positioning statement or using the positioning triangle.

5.      Present an advertising strategy for implementing the ODF targeting and positioning. In this advertising plan, include details of the creative message (content, tone, emotions, etc.), as well as indicate what media would be appropriate for the campaign. Also, explain how the advertising campaign for ODF relates to the overall umbrella position of the Olay brand.

6.      What other marketing mix decisions would you recommend? First, provide an overall strategic rationale for these decisions: to grow the category, to help acquire new customers from competitors, or to reduce switching and improve the retention of current customer. Then present your marketing mix decisions. Please structure your answer clearly under each marketing mix sub-heading.

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