Analysis of the Argument in a Non-fiction Book

Analysis of the Argument in a Non-fiction Book

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Analysis of the Argument in a Non-fiction Book
Below are steps to analyzing the argument of the books by Masson,
Wise, and Foer.
Choose the one that you prefer. Also, it would be helpful to answer at
least some of the
Study Questions on the book that you choose before beginning to
analyze its argument.
Analysis of Masson’s Argument in The Pig Who Sang to the Moon
Using the methods and principles in Chapter 2, 3, 7, and 8 of Greene
and Lidinsky’s From
Inquiry to Academic Writing, write a paper of about 750-1000 words
that analyzes and
evaluates the argument that Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson makes in The Pig
Who Sang to the
Before trying to write this paper, go through the study questions on
Masson’s book,
which can be downloaded from the 1A Study Questions page. You do not
have to answer all
these questions in your analysis, but some of them are central to his
claim, subclaims, and
evidence, and they should be discussed. This writing assignment will
be a test of your ability
to identify and address key aspects of a book-length argumen


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