Analysis and Interpretation of the Financial Ratios and Marketing Strategy of the Estee Lauder Company

Analysis and Interpretation of the Financial Ratios and Marketing Strategy of the Estee Lauder Company

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1. Introduction

This handbook outlines the requirements of your Independent Research Project and provides clear guidance on its preparation, prior to its submission for examination. Your research project is a ‘formal’ document and there are ‘rules’ that govern the way in which it is presented. It must have chapters that provide an introduction, a literature review, a justification of the data selected for analysis and research methodology, analysis of the data and, finally, conclusions and recommendations. Where the subject is based around a business or an applied situation recommendations for action may also be required. Advice on the range of suitable topics which relate to the subject area of your MSc will be approved by your Programme Director or supervisor. It is essential that you discuss the main points raised in this document with your supervisor to ensure that there are no additional subject, or discipline-specific, requirements or rules. General layout and referencing conventions must be clarified with the supervisor before you complete and submit your Independent Research Project for examination. The Independent Research Project is your own work. Its purpose is to demonstrate your understanding of: a management problem; the relevance of primary and/or secondary research and how these might be applied to the problem; and the implications of the findings of your own research, if you have collected primary data. Before submitting your Independent Research Project for examination check, re- check and then go through it again. The standards are demanding: be sure you meet them!

It is essential to separate your own research and results from the work of other researchers. Clear and accurate referencing and acknowledgement is one of the most important features of a good Independent Research Project.

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