An Empty Tomb

An Empty Tomb

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This is Easter week, and everyone should be focusing on Jesus in the Hymans. This week is celebrated with the fulfillment of the promise of Jesus that he would rise on the third day. And so it came to pass that this is what happened as described below the events of the third day.Because those who believe in the resurrection, know that Jesus is indeed the Savior and is alive and sits at the right hand of God. The testimony of witnesses is clear about what happened. The Scripture describes what Mary Magdalene has witnessed: It was the first day of the week, and Mary Magdalene came to the tomb when it was dark and saw that the stone had been rolled away from the burial chamber. The tomb was in the form of a cave with a large stone covering the entrance. When Mary Magdalene came upon the tomb, the stone covering the entrance had been rolled away and way lying to one side. She ran and came upon Peter and the other disciple that Jesus loved, and said: They have taken away the Lord from the sepulcher, and do not know where they have buried him.

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