AML 2010 Discussion 11

AML 2010 Discussion 11

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Each of you will explain a verse to the class. Before you begin, refer to the DISCUSSIONS – Module 11: Whitman.

The first person to post should explain the significance of Verse #1.

The second person to post should explain the significance of Verse #2. The third person should explain Verse #3, and so on.

By following this method, “Song of Myself” should be explained in its written sequence.In order to understand your part, you should read the sections assigned of “Song of Myself.”A warning: If you are the sixteenth student to explain a verse, please notice that the next assigned verse is #30. Only assigned verses should be explained. (I am the sixteenth student).

Below are two websites to help understand the poem. Visit them after you have experienced “Song of Myself.” However, I would visit the sites before I attempted to explain a verse to the class! Visit Walt Whitman (1819-1892) for an extremely intense introduction to the poet and a list of vital links. For an analysis of structure and
organization visit Perspectives in American literature.In Discussions under the topic Module 11: Whitman, discuss the relevance of your verse. You may wish to provide a quotation or two from the work.Write your explication de text. Read other postings and you may wish to reply to them.

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