How American people choose the new life style

How American people choose the new life style

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Strategic Plan/Implementation Chapter – Complete Chapter 4; Based on
your research how will you implement the answer to your research
question/problem? This is the component of your final project that you
would provide to senior leadership – this is your implementation plan.
The earlier sections of you paper serve to support the ideas and
decisions put forth in this plan.
Your Strategic Plan/Implementation Chapter should include:

Overview/Background: A restatement of the problem or issue, and a
description of how the organization comes to be dealing with it; the
change or innovation you propose that will address the problem; and
why it will be directly responsive to the problem and the
circumstances by which it arose or developed within the organization.

Goals: The goals of the project implementation in measurable form.

Timeline: A time line during which action steps toward reaching those
goals would be accomplished, and a summary of the people or
organizations responsible for achieving them.

Evaluation Plan: A plan for evaluating the extent to which goals are
achieved, and the criteria by which success will be measured; what
will count as evidence of the fact that a goal has been achieved?

Project Budget: A budget for the implementation that shows revenue of
all types, expenses, capitalized items, and indirect or administrative
overhead, as applicable; any explanatory notes that will make clear
the nature of the item and the basis for budgeting as you have.

Long-Term Plan: A long-term plan following implementation, that looks
up to five years out and describes how the program will grow, evolve,
change, etc., including the points along the way where monitoring,
evaluation, and plan revisions will take place.

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