American History After 1865

American History After 1865

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I. Parameters:A. 12-pt., Times New Roman font; 1” marginsB. Due the LAST DAY OF REGULAR CLASS (no later); uploaded to the assigned dropbox on Blackboard prior to the beginning of class that day [10 points will be deducted for every hour it is late, no exceptions]C. 3-5 pages; double-spaced (three full pages of text MINIMUM!)D. Any footnoting style acceptable as long as it is consistent throughoutE. DOCUMENT MUST BE ASSOCIATED WITH AMERICAN HISTORYF. Document must come from the website 1. For 1301: Document must come from BETWEEN 1492-18772. For 1302: Document must come from AFTER 1865

II. Organization:A. CONTEXT: To what period of US History does the document belong? (There will be no mention of the document or author in THIS section).B. SYNOPSIS: A complete break-down of the entire document.C. AUTHOR INTENT: Why was the document produced?D. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: How has the document been important to studying the history of this period of US history?E. CONCLUSION/OPINION (Don’t use First Person): Argue the strengths and/or weaknesses of the document.

III. Pitfalls to Avoid:A. Always include Document Name and Date in TitleB. Always include page-numbers beginning with second page.C. Break sections into multiple paragraphs.D. Never use first person or contractions.

IV. Grading Rubric:A. 50% = Structure (Organization, grammar, etc.)B. 50% = Content (Does the paper meet the requirements of each section?)C. [Each section, then, is worth a total of 20% of the overall paper.]

V. Final Instructions:A. Failure to organize the paper as stated above will result in point deductionsB. ALL PAPERS will be scanned by Any paper or portion of a paper that has been turned in to a previous class (even if by the same person) will count as plagiarism and will result in a zero for the class and the student’s name turned in for further investigation and/or punishment. SEE SYLLABUS FOR CLEAR DEFINITION OF PLAGIARISM AND FOR THE UNIVERSITY POLICY ON CONSEQUENCES.

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