Agency Analysis Paper

Agency Analysis Paper

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Social WorkSocial work leaders understand the organizations in which they work, and are skilled in identifying and developing programs which meet present and emerging community needs. Each student is required to interview a leader or director in their practicum agency and research the historical origins of the placement agency as well as the area of focus or services provided.The student will also be required to present the findings of their research to their Agency Supervisors for discussion and integration. The Agency research paper should include the following information and the provided headings should be used to organize your paper. The paper should be in APA format and use Times New Roman 12 point font. student will complete a 10 page paper. Please note that title page and references page do not count in page length requirement.

1. Agency Overview/ Historical origins of the agency: What is the name of the agency; what is the history of the agency? How many years has it been in existence? What services does the agency provide? Number of employees; Annual budget, number of years in existence.

2. Agency mission, vision and goals: Identify the key elements in your organization’s mission statement, vision and goals; Is the mission statement clear, compelling, inspirational, and concise; In what ways does the organization communicate the mission to its various stakeholders?

3. Agency service provision: (pb a) What services does the agency provide? How does the agency advocate for clients to have access to the services provided? What is the potential for other services that the agency might provide in the future? What steps will need to be taken in order for the agency to provide these new services that you have identified? This section should also include a literature review and the student should utilize a minimum of 6 professional journal articles as sources that are focused on the placement agency’s services.

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