African encounter

African encounter

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Write a summary of the debates surrounding Krog’s use of otherpeople’s testimony in her book Country of My Skull, as stated inChapter 3 of the study guide. Be sure to include the following:

•Her combining autobiography and other people’s testimony.

•Her “distorting” or “fictionalizing” some of the testimonies and other facts.

•The effect of her telling other people’s stories for them.

Present both sides of each issue, and then offer your own stance onthe issues. What do you think is the overall effect of Krog’s use of these controversial techniques Remember that your own assessment is critical to a successful essay. Be sure to provide support for your views by quoting appropriately from the book Country of My Skull.

Do not rely solely on the quotes from the book that are provided in the study guide. In other words, demonstrate that you have read the book as well as the study guide.Formulate your response in your own words. When it is appropriate to use quotations or paraphrase from your text materials or other sources, be sure to cite your sources properly by giving page numbers in parentheses or using footnotes or endnotes. The assignment should be a total of three to four typed, double-spaced pages.

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