Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act

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4 pages in the proper format (double-spaced, typed, with a cover page, list of references cited, use paragraphs, complete sentences – not bullet points, and proofread for grammar and punctuation)Here’s the scenario: You are the newest (and youngest) member of a mid-sized nonprofit hospital communication department. You have been asked to create a consumer education and awareness program to target young people in Austin about the Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590, the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”), and its implications on young people who are in the 27 – 35 year old age range. With a meager budget, you realize your limitations on bringing in big-name speakers and buying advertising in traditional media. The goal is to persuade the target audience to take action and enroll in a
health plan if they do not already have health insurance.

Your role, as a healthcare communicator, is to create an integrated healthcare advocacy plan that can be adopted to accelerate change and action in the target audience cohort. You need to convene healthcare stakeholders to assess evidence-based research and move toward developing win-win solutions for everyone involved. In addition, it is imperative to educate the appropriate decision makers and opinion leaders with clear, concise, evidence-based messages that aid their
ability to advocate for the cause. You do not have much of a budget, but can ask Management for financial assistance once you have developed your campaign plans.

Explain your plans for this consumer education and awareness campaign. What is the mission, the key messages, the tools you will use to reach the target audience, and how will you measure the effectiveness of the campaign? The paper will address each of the following items:

1. Campaign name
2. Context – research about the current facts about the A.C.A.
3. Campaign overview – the mission, goals and objectives
4. Target Audiences
5. Key Messages (at least three). How can your messages effect and
advance your mission and goals? Key messages are also considered
talking points.
6. Strategies and tactics – including news media interests and
potential stories. How will you involve the media? How will you reach
the target audience? What delivery channels best fit them?
7. How will the campaign results be measured and evaluated? How will
you assess and monitor whether your messages worked?

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