Affirm Coaching Ethics

Affirm Coaching Ethics

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 There are a myriad of coach specializations such as personal/life and corporate/business with each having a common purpose … assisting their clients. Due to the personal nature of coach/client relationships, an Ethics Code is needed to serve as the framework by which a professional coach practices. A well-defined Ethics Code: (a) provides the broad principles and values to which coaches subscribe, (b) outlines expectations for coaches to use, and (c) serves as a foundation for the ethical and moral standards of coaches. Assignment Preparation 1. Please review all Books and Resources for this week. 2. Review the Code of Ethics authored by the International Association of Coaching. Chapter and Article Readings Peltier, B. (2009) The psychology of executive coaching: Theory and application. Read Chapter 17 Passmore, J. (2009). Coaching ethics: Making ethical decision: Novices and experts The International Coach Federation (ICF) has established ethical guidelines for coaches on the topics of (a) coaching relationships and contracts, (b) client protection, (c) confidentiality, and (d) conflicts of interest.

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