Advanced financial reporting

Advanced financial reporting

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PART A (Worth 10%) 

You are to compile a trial balance for a limited company as at 31st March 2015, along with additional information.

This information should include:

  1. a closing inventory
  2. an application of two depreciation methods
  3. an accrual
  4. a prepayment
  5. a bad debt amount
  6. a provision for bad debt

PART B (Worth 10%) 

You are to produce an Income statement and a Statement of Financial Position for your company as at 31st March 2015.

PART C (Worth 30%) 

You are to summarise the company sector that your example is from and the current market.  Then, for each figure in the Statement of Financial Position explain and evaluate it e.g. a steel manufacturing business would have a high value of non-current assets (in comparison to other assets) and the economic life would also be high.

PART D (Worth 50%) 

You are to discuss and interpret the accounting standards for each of the pieces of additional information (listed in Part A, above).  This is to be shown as notes to the published format accounts with your interpretation for your company.


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