Advanced financial management of UK stock Market

Advanced financial management of UK stock Market

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1.You are given a notional £100,000 to invest in the UK stock market. 

2.You have four months to trade. This means that you are going to have to use short- term investment strategies. 

3.The aim is for you to try to beat the market. The market is represented by the FTSE ALL Share Index – if you do not ‘beat the market you will not lose marks, most people will find it impossible to do better than experienced investors. You must calculate the return on the market from your first trade to your last trade in order to determine whether you have beaten the market or not. 

4.The shares MUST be listed on the FTSE ALL Share. 

5.You are not allowed to use derivatives, such as options or any short selling. 

6. 50% of your investment must be based upon fundamental analysis and the other 50% on technical analysis (Based on two theories – no more or less, just TWO). 

7.Each of your portfolios must contain at least 10 shares. 

8.You are allowed to trade as many times as you like.

You need to submit a 1500 word report on your trades, including full referencing according to Harvard APA. 1500 exclude Excel. I gave your reference example below this paper, please see it when you write. You can according to this website to write reference

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