Ad Trickery

Ad Trickery

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The word “natural” is often abused in product advertising. A consumer would think that natural means no preservatives and or made by nature. The word “natural” is not regulated so therefore it can be put on any product. This confuses consumers. If you see a label that says natural it probably isn’t. Consumers are willing to spend more money on environmentally friendly or green products. Purchases that are organic and nontoxic help consumers feel better and even guilt free. For large corporations, this is a big deal. It costs a lot of time and money to put genuinely nontoxic products on the shelves. Time and money don’t add profits to the bottom line so many big companies are turning to using greenwashing on their labels as a solution. They lure conscious consumers into a false sense of “green” with ads but when it comes to proving their claims, however, these companies prefer trickery over true hard facts.

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