Activity 10: Define the Branding Strategy

Activity 10: Define the Branding Strategy

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A package designing is the tool that attract consumers. It is the Psychology of the consumer that he attracts with the packaging of the product and judge the quality of the product. The design of James perfume (Product) will be black in color for men and pink in color for women. It will be available in two sizes. Boxes will be used to wrap the product. Labeling will be done by the use of some important legal statements to guide the consumers of the product. Legal statement will contain the information of types of material involve in it. It also indicates the details of the usage of perfumes and its benefits. The instructions to place the product in which temperature will be mentioned on the bottom of the bottle. Marketing communication is essential for the company’s marketing effort. The message should be conveyed to attract large number of consumers to the product. The price, distribution and others are the tools to convey the marketing message effectively. James perfume will develop its brand recognition as marketing message of the product is, “High Quality Perfumes for men and women”. The message indicates that the targeted customers will be of the two genders. The cap of the bottle will be design in a unique shape (square) with white color. The upper part of the bottle will be covered with a flower bail to represent beauty (Johnston & Marshall, 2014).

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