academic literature search summary and evaluation.

academic literature search summary and evaluation.

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Locate a reliable academic article outlining aspects of the cultural ,economic, social and environmental context of the district..background information; consider location, community, project, ethics, humanitarian and engineering and EWB (engineers without borders ).the design brief will require you to develop and report on your design solution for a specific problem for the inhabitants of  CAMEROON IN WEST AFRICA.The broad design areas are;infrastructure and constructionWater Supply and Sanitation SystemsEnergyWaste management climate changetransportationinformation communications technology

Article selected has appropriate credibility for the task and can be identified as one of the  Jacobs Hierarchy of should focus on some of the following social cultural economic environment allocate  one resource relevant to the community under discussion.choose one type of resourse from the top 6 listed in jacobs hierarchy of reliability.provide full reference details of the resourse outline the search engines / catalogues/ databases used and why indicate the search terms used summarise the key points made in the resourse evaluate the resourse considering.. currency ( is it recent)…relevance …purpose… use of evidence you need to attach a photocopy or printout of the four most relevant pages from the resource you have used with evidence of your active reading.

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